Traditional Yoga Energy Art-Set of 7 Matted Prints

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Root-Sacral-Solar Plexus-Heart-Throat-Third Eye-Crown Chakra 

Inspiration for Yoga Energy Art series comes from traditional sanskrit chakras.  Each piece has a message, mantra, or prayer to help you remember to be your best and connect to Divine Wisdom.  Through art and design, you are inspired to wake up to the beautiful life you are meant to live, embracing and loving who you are and making the world a better place.  The series of seven individually matted and ready to frame, original chakra art is a perfect addition to your yoga studio or meditation room.  



12” X 12” beveled mats, image size 8” X 8” Erin Designs original art, professionally printed - Rag Mat Conservation Board, the 100% cotton core and backing paper are naturally acid free and lignin free, with a buffered acid-free 3/16” foam core backing and protected in a plastic liner.  

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Traditional Yoga Energy Art-Set of 7 Matted Prints