Silk Eye Pillows - Set of Seven


Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Sky Blue-Indigo-Purple 

Can’t decide which eye pillow to enhance your overall well-being?  Purchase a set of seven for your personal yoga practice or to share in your studio.  

The last yoga posture is traditionally Savasana, a relaxation pose to help absorb the series of postures from your practice.  While lying on your back, placing the lightly weighted pillow on your eyes. This helps block out distractions and light, bringing focus to the sensations your yoga practice has created.  The eye pillow can also be used while meditating, resting, or going into stillness.  

Breathing in the lavender aromatic fragrance relieves anxiety and tension naturally, allowing a soothing and calm feeling to come over you. This is your signal to relax and be still.

Silk is refreshingly cool to the touch.  Putting an eye pillow in the freezer aids in intensifying the cooling effect.  Try using as a cold compress for headaches. Warming in the microwave and applying to tight muscles aids in relaxation. 

Filled with six perfect ounces of natural flax seed* and lavender (standard-can be ordered unscented), encased in 100% breathable cotton muslin pillow.

3.5X9” removable, washable 100% silk slip cover.  Erin Designs custom Chakra artwork displayed on the front and black satin silk on the reverse. 

*Flax is a seed rather than a grain and contains a high percentage of natural oil.  When warmed, it will hold heat.  Flaxseed never gets that “grain" smell.  

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Silk Eye Pillows - Set of Seven