7th Chakra-Crown


7th Chakra – Crown – Violet – I AM Oneness

I connect with the wisdom of the Universe.

By tapping into the crown chakra we can live more spiritually, bringing a sense of the sacred into our everyday life.  We can become more aware and mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions and bodies.  Wear violet.  Practice meditation or relaxation daily.  Develop a personal relationship with Spirit.  Ask for Higher guidance and be open to receive.


12” X 12”, image size 8” X 8” Erin Designs original art is professionally printed.  Rag Mat Conservation Board, the 100% cotton core and backing paper are naturally acid free and lignin free, with a buffered acid-free 3/16” foam core backing and protected in a plastic liner.  The image is ready to frame.

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7th Chakra-Crown
7th Chakra-Crown